About Services

Case Management

When facing a health crisis or chronic condition you will often have to interact with many different health professionals and support services. This can be both confusing and overwhelming. As a Registered Social Worker I am licensed to “hold” health information. This permits me to have an overview of your health needs allowing for seamless communication between all of your health care practitioners. With your consent and direction I can support you in ensuring that your health care team is up to date and understanding of your needs.

Some examples of the ways I can be your Partner in Care are:

  • Communicate with health care professionals
  • Share information with family/friends
  • Manage range of support services

Patient Advocacy

During times of stress when you and your loved one are most vulnerable, you are often least able to state your needs and make your wishes understood. Having an advocate walking with you can prove invaluable in ensuring you are receiving the best care possible. With you, I can work in identifying your top concerns and advocating to have these addressed. Meeting with a variety of health professionals can be intimidating, I will work to ensure that your needs are heard and met along your care journey.

Some examples of the ways I can be your Partner in Care are:

  • Attend appointments, care plans or discharge meetings
  • Ensure accurate information provided and taken
  • Highlight personal concerns and needs to health professionals

System Navigation

Complicated health needs often come with complicated solutions. As your Partner in Care I will help to make this process less confusing. You may find yourself needing to make referrals to services you have not experienced before or needing to put in supports that you have never accessed. I will do this with you. At a time when life can be overwhelming, I can help to alleviate some of the burden and you have the assurance of knowing that you have a professional at your side. I can help you to ensure that recommendations and treatment plans that are developed with your health care providers are put into action

Some examples of the ways I can be your Partner in Care are:

  • Support referrals to health care providers
  • Coordinate in home or community supports
  • Implement health care recommendations